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“Rainwater is a naturally pure, clean and sustainable source of water.”

All countries are dependent on rainwater. Many countries, like South Africa, have a very erratic and unpredictable rain fall pattern with many regions experiencing seasonal rainfall.  If rainwater could be collected or harvested for future use, it would provide a much needed relief to our domestic water supply as well as facilitate a substantial cost saving on our municipal water bill.

Urban Rain Systems is dedicated to the development of urban rainwater harvesting solutions, to greatly improve both quality and volume of rainwater collection as well as the applications for which rainwater can be used.

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The RainCell Tank™

Introducing the future of rainwater harvesting - the RainCell™ Tank. The RainCell™ tank is a water storage tank, specially designed to reduce the size of area needed for a water tank.

The traditional round water tank is impractical for urban areas where space as well as appearance, are vitally important. The RainCell™ fits neatly against any wall, freeing up valuable space. The tank's modern design blends in with any environment.


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